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Our Menu of Services
Massage Therapy                          
Swedish Massage
Enjoy relaxing and therapeutic massage while aromatic oils of your choice relieve muscle tension and you aimlessly drifts away.
30 Minutes     $55
60 Minutes     $85
90 Minutes     $115  

Deep Tissue Massage
Focused massage is given to the fascia and deeper layers of muscle.  Therapists may use firmer pressure to reach targeted areas and allow them to release.
30 Minutes     $75
60 Minutes     $115 

Hot Stone Massage
Enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing massage while therapists incorporate the use of hot stones into the treatment soothing aching muscles and increasing circulation.                                                               
60 Minutes     $95
90 Minutes     $115  

Sports Massage
Relieve muscle aches and pains with ease.  Allow therapists to work on fatigued muscles by targeting your neck, shoulders or calves.                                                30 Minutes     $55   
Relax as therapists apply hot stones and pressure to specific points and areas on the hands and feet. Reflexology assists in aligning pressure points with different body organs and systems to bring a sense of balance and harmony within.    
30 Minutes     $55
Massage Therapy Enhancements
Need additional time?  Choose additional time for the feet, hands, scalp, or even add reflexology.  15 minutes each $15      


Foot Soaks


Ionic Detox Foot Soak

The feet are cleansed with aromatic oils and then immersed in warm salt water foot bath.  An ionic array is placed in the water where it gently pulls toxins from a cellular level out through the bottom of your feet.  This detoxifying service will leave you feeling lighter and with more energy.  ​For a complete detox six to nine treatments are recommended.    

1- 30 Minute Session       $35

3- 30 Minute Sessions     $75

6- 30 Minute Sessions     $115

9- 30 Minute Sessions     $175



Reiki Therapy- Reiki Master

Enjoy this natural healing modality as your therapist guides you through a deep meditation, to balance your chakras and clear your mind so you may access your "Chi" or the energy that brings you life.  Reiki is based on the belief that our bodies have an ability to access innate energy and healing that benefits mind, body, and spirit.  


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